How to choose an Electric Bicycle

4 basic ways to choose an EBike. BY:




1. Choosing by Cost

†††††††††† You can start by setting a budget on how much youíd like to spend on an EBike and go from there. For example, would you like to spend around $1200? The EG Athens 250 2017 is the $1199 EBike youíd choose. The EG Athens 250 2017 is simply the best value for your dollar today as it was when the 1st Generation EG Athens 250 was built in 2012. This Simple and yet Elegant Euro Step-thru frame bike is in its 5th Generation; well built, well received, well reviewed and has withstood the test of time with many satisfied customers still riding the Generation 1 Bike. It is simple to ride and easy to operate with or without the motor turned on. All the features you need, none you donít. Donít let the low $1199 cost of the EG Athens 250 2017 make you feel itís not a good product. Spending more for brand names will not get you a better bike. Many better known brands than ours in the market have tried building something to compete against our EG Athens 250 and have failed, even after the 5 years this bike has been on the market.

†††††††††† Another product in our EG line right around $1200 is The EG Vienna 250 2017. This is a folding bike built for itís lightweight and portability. The EG Vienna 250 at $1299 features a 42lbs net weight, a good 10lbs lighter than most EBikes in the market. It is built to fit the trunk of a compact car, inside an RV, in an apartment or on a Yacht. Folds into a tiny footprint, but have all the advantages of the EG Athens 250; a solid bike we built over the years. Again, it includes everything youíd need and nothing you donít. A simple stable folding electric bike that looks like a regular folding bicycle. It features an in-frame Samsung 7.8AH Lion battery, and a 36v 250w motor. This bike accommodates a bigger range of rider height than most EBikes, because of how much the kickstand seat post can be lowered.

†††††††††† If you choose to spend around $1500, then the EG Zurich 350ix is the bike for you. This bike is built as a commuter/road EBike. For $1499 this bike features, big and stable 700c Kevlar lined tires with 38mm width and reflective trim. The Kevlar protection ensures least trouble from the road, while the 38mm width is wide enough to not get the rims damaged when pot holes or man hole covers hits your wheel, at the same time, itís narrow enough to ensure minimal road resistance for the long trips. This bike features 2 unique parts you donít regularly find in other EBikes built in USA. 1. The internal shifting rear wheel hub Shimano Nexus 7 speed, and 2. A fully encased chain guard to ensure the drive train donít ever get dirty as well as protecting the riderís clothing to ever get caught in the chains of a bike.

†††††††††† If you choose to spend around $2000, then there is either the Cruisers EG Oahu 500EX 2017 and EG Maui 500EX 2017 or the Mountain Bikes EG Bali 500EX and the EG Milan 500EX. All the 4 bikes are priced at $1999. Featuring Japanese made 48v 500w motors with ample power to climb a hill unassisted, Samsung 48v 10.4AH Li-on batteries, backlit LCD Displays and more. They are capable of reaching 28mph on their highest level of pedal assist when demanded to do so. All the best and most reliable parts for your money are built into these 4 bikes.


Notes on Cost comparing of EBikes:†††††††

†††††††††† Keep in mind when choosing by cost, to look at what you are getting at the cost you see. Does the bike for example include racks, fenders and lamps? Or do they make you incrementally upgrade parts that will bump up the final cost? Does the bike use reputable parts or do they use simply use the cheapest low end parts and then make you pay for the upgrade to put reliable parts back in? For example Shimano Tourney vs Shimano Altus (1 grade higher) or Shimano Acera (2 grades higher) or Shimano Alivio (3 grades higher).


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