Product Literature and How to Video clips

YouTube Links on Bike parts Installations and Adjustments:

             1. How to adjust the Rear Derailleur:                                               Click here

             2. How to adjust the Front and Rear Derailleur on an MTB:               Click here

             3. How to adjust the Front Derailleur:                                              Click here

             4. How to adjust the V-Brake:                                                           Click here

             5. How to get the V-Brake out of the way to remove the tires:         Click here

             6. How to install a Disc Brake:                                                          Click here

             7. How to align a Disc Brake Caliper:                                                Click here

             8. How to adjust the Disc Brake:                                                       Click here

             9. How to install the handlebar on the 2014 EG Vienna 250 EX          Click here


PDF Version of our products catalog:

             1. EG Electric Bikes                                                              Download                        

             2. EG Mountain Bikes                                                            Download

             3. EG Interbike 2015 Catalog                                                Download


PDF Versions of our Owner’s Manual

             1. Bicycle Owner’s Manual for non Electric                          Download

             2. Electric Bicycle Owner’s Manual           

                          for Enterprise and Kyoto                                          Download

                          for Barcelona                                                          Download

                          for Le Mans                                                             Download

                          for Copenhagen                                                       Download

                          for Vienna 250EX 2014                                             Download

                          For Vienna 250 2017                                                Download

                          for Bali 350EX and Milan 350EX                                Download

                          For Bali 500EX and Milan 500EX 48v                        Download

                          for Oahu EX and Maui EX                                          Download

                          for Oahu 500EX and Maui 350EX                               Download

                          for Oahu 500EX and Maui 500EX 48v                        Download

                          for Oahu 500EX and Maui 500EX 48v 2017                Download

                          for Athens 250                                                         Download

                          for Monte Carlo 500EX                                             Download

                          for Zurich 350IX and 350IX Step-thru                       Download

             3. Instructions on how to adjust a derailleur                        Download


If you do not have a PDF Reader, you can download the Adobe Reader by clicking on the link below